COVID Policies

We have made every effort to protect our residents, visitors and staff by introducing new operating hours and enhanced visitor guidelines.

Washington Café

The Argyros welcomes everyone to enjoy the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Café. To help limit the spread of COVID 19, we are adhering to CDC guidelines and the Governor of Idaho’s current orders on safety.

Protocols in place to maintain six feet of physical distance among employees and patrons include:

  • Limit occupancy to 50 percent capacity.
  • Limit seating at tables to groups of six.
  • Spacing tables to keep patrons at least six feet apart while seated and while moving within lobby area.

Protocols in place to reduce the risk of spread of the COVID-19 virus by training employees on cleaning, disinfection, and protective measures include:

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the restrooms, tables, chairs and all counter areas.
  • Non-cash transactions are encouraged whenever possible.
  • QR Code menus for non-contact access and physical menus that will be disinfected.
  • Mandatory mask wearing policy for employees and patrons when moving around the theater, lobby or café
    (you may remove your mask once seated).
  • Mandatory Personal Protection Equipment (PPP) wearing policy for employees

Tierney Theater

For films, live productions and web streaming events in the Tierney Theater, The Argyros will require the following new protocols to protect performers, presenters and staff:

  • Mandatory handwashing every hour.
  • Limited backstage access to staff and guests to maintain social distancing.
  • Limited catering for artists to maintain social distancing and a contactless environment.
  • Mandatory Mask wearing policy for technical staff.
  • Cleaning all technical equipment after use following manufacturers recommendation.
  • Daily event plans to limit staff interactions.
  • Detailed safety plan shared with all personnel involved in a production.
  • Regular updates to safety plan as new science becomes available.
Isabella Boylston, ABT